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Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. Announcement: My online Land Navigation course includes four hours of video instruction, and two downloadable PDF books, all for about the same price as a typical paperback book.

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The 3h Tritium Military Compass from Cammenga is built to last and has been tested in numerous battlefield and tactical conditions. This is a true military survival compass in every sense of the word; it has been utilized and proved fully functional in conditions ranging from negative fifty degrees Fahrenheit to one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit, and has also outlasted extended time ...

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Compass Navigation for Light Infantry Leaders 1. Land Navigation Basic Use of the Magnetic Compass 2. What is a Compass • The current, handheld magnetic compass is two different things: • A northseeking device from which you can determine direction of travel, and (with the aid of builtin scales) the relative locations of items within view. Some of the features on the compas

Compass Navigation for Light Infantry Leaders

Compass Navigation for Light Infantry Leaders 1. Land Navigation Basic Use of the Magnetic Compass 2. What is a Compass • The current, handheld magnetic compass is two different things: • A northseeking device from which you can determine direction of travel, and (with the aid of builtin scales) the relative locations of items within view. Some of the features on the compas

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Celestron Cavalry 7x50 Binoculars. Not only does this low costing Celestron Cavalry binocular use high quality BAK4 porro prisms and fully multicoated optics, but they include a Digital GPS, Compass and bubble meter as well as a Rangefinding Reticle.. Thus, in my opinion, make one of the best value for money marine binoculars currently on the market and as they are designed to be especially ...

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military style compass with od green military issue nylon compass pouch, liquid filled compass with a floating dial, thumb hook with a adjustable magnifying viewer. good quality compasses. compass is not the issue tritium compass. top rated plus. fast 'n free. type: compasses.

Silva Prismatic Military Compass

They are one of the most acurate and relaible compasses in the world, and are universal in their use. The SILVA Expedition 54B is considered by many as the top of the SILVA range of traditional base plate compasses and currently one of the best available compass' on the market for military use.

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The military lensatic compass is the standard issue navigational tool for overland travel by members of the military when operating on land. The compass is made up of a base with a ruler on the left side to be used in measuring distances on a map. The cover (with a …

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Oct 05, 2013· Find Your Own Way – Vintage MKIII Marching Compass – Part 1 October 5, 2013 by Craig B This is the first in a short series of posts on a particular work of art masquerading as an obsolete military directionfinding instrument.

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Silva Expedition 54/6400B Official Aust Army Compass. This is a baseplate prismatic sighting compass. Sighting card in 6400 and 360 deg div. Outer bezel in 6400 (mills) Illumination: Tritium (glows all night.) Nato6605661108985. P/No. 35861: Silva Expedition 54/6400L. This is a baseplate prismatic sighting compass. Sighting card in 6400 and ...

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A good example of these compasses is the military compasses commonly available in the UK. Lensatic Compass. In this compass there is at least one lens mounted in the rear site and sometimes a second as an integral part of the crystal for reading the scale. The American Lensatic used by the US military is the obvious example.

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Military Gear: M2 Artillery Compass. The M2 Artillery Compass is a specialpurpose instrument designed for high accuracy. It combines a surveyors compass with a clinometer, level and a plumb built into one instrument. It was in use during World War II, based on an earlier Compass, M1 that was not graduated in mils.

Using a Lensatic Compass

The lensatic compass is used by the Military. It has its advantages and disadvantages over the orienteering compass.. One advantage is it's probably more accurate when it comes to "shooting azimuths," meaning the act of determining the specific compass direction to a spot on the earth.


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A military compass that was used during World War I. The magnetic compass is the most familiar compass type. It functions as a pointer to "magnetic north", the local magnetic meridian, because the magnetized needle at its heart aligns itself with the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic magnetic field exerts a torque on the needle, pulling the North end or pole of the needle ...

Military Compasses

Below you will find both Military "Style" compasses as well as the actual compasses used by the US Military.

Degrees, Mils, Grads compass measurements

Compass use of mils typically rounds 6283 to 6400 for simplification. Some foreign militaries have simplified the other direction and divided the compass face into 6000 units, exactly like the face of a watch, with 100 units the same angle as a minute on the watch face. Using mils, the actual size of an object observed in the field can be ...


for a back azimuth you could add 180 if the azimuth is 180 degrees or less and subtract 180 if is more then 180 degrees

Baseplate Map Compasses

Baseplate compasses are great allaround hiking and travel compasses. They often have a clear baseplate, which makes them great for map use. The more expensive baseplate compasses generally have slightly larger capsules with longer needles, improving the readable accuracy of the compass.

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Oct 18, 2019· How to Use a Compass. A compass is an essential tool in wilderness survival. Along with a good quality topographical map of the area you're navigating, knowing how to use a compass will ensure that you're never lost. You can learn to...

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The M2 military compass has been in use for over a century and in service with the military since at least World War II. It is designed for precise work in providing targeting information for artillery. Due to this precision, it has also found use in civilian and recreational land navigation.

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1. Determine a magnetic Azimuth using a lensatic compass. 2. Use the compasstocheek method to within three degrees of a designated point. 3. Use the centerhold method within 10 degrees to a …

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Compass needles are weighted for different regions to counteract the downward magnetic deflection exerted on the needle, which may cause the needle to stick in the compass housing. Australia and New Zealand are in the Magnetic South hemisphere region, so the correct compasses for use …

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Swiss Army Kern Sighting Compass Deutsche Optik how to use military compass in mills,Antique Coffee Mills;, Swiss Army Kern Sighting Compass, You may use this unit by simply looking "from the wrist" or through the sight Degrees, Mils, Grads compass measurements Compasses degrees mils grads military compass, Different Compass .

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It does not matter if your compass is calibrated in degrees, Mils, bananas or anything else. The military use mils coz it can be easily used to estimate distance. An object 25 mils wide at 1000 metres = 25metres A line of 5 parked battle tanks 55 metres wide showing 50mils on a sighting compass …

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Reticles in some artillery sights are calibrated to the relevant artillery definition for that military, the Carl Zeiss OEM2 artillery sight made in DDR from 1969 to 1976 is calibrated for the eastern block 6000 mil circle. [citation needed] Various symbols have been used to represent angular mils for compass use:

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Start studying army study guide. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. ... WHAT IS THE DISTANCE BETWEEN GRID LINES ON A MILITARY MAP? 1 KILOMETER OR 1000 METERS. HOW MANY MILLS ARE THERE IN A CIRCLE? ... USE A COMPASS AND TERRAIN ASSOCIATION.

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Magnetic card compass designs normally require a separate protractor tool in order to take bearings directly from a map. The M1950 military lensatic compass does not use a liquidfilled capsule as a damping mechanism, but rather electromagnetic induction to control oscillation of its

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I'm a serving infantry soldier and have been extensively researching the best military watch. I have not found a watch that I believe meets the criteria that would, in my opinion at least, be the ultimate true military watch. I think only very vew manufacturers come anywhere near a proper military watch and only two (Casio and Suunto) that come close to the ultimate military watch.

Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass

A round lensatic compass has no straight edge to align. Instead you will use an imaginary line that runs down the center of the compass. Two parts of this line include the sighting wire, which you can align with things that are visible on the map, and the center of the rotating compass card.